Perfect Pregame Victorian Mirror Flask

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  • UNIQUE – with this beautifully designed flask, you’ll stand out from the crowd
  • MIRROR FINISH – polished to perfection, the flask can really be used as a mirror on the go
  • COMPACT – at only 4 x 4 inches the flask is small, but holds 6 ounces (4 shots)
  • QUALITY – made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, every flask is inspected by hand in the USA to ensure quality
  • GREAT GIFT – comes complete with a funnel in an elegant box that will delight the recipient

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Fashionable and functional, Perfect Pregame’s stainless steel mirror flask gives you a chance to show off a bit of your character while sparing you the hassle of carrying an extra item when you head out for a night on the town with its unique mirrored finish.

  • UNIQUE – whether the calico print pattern on the front reminds you of an old West revolver holster or a vintage Victorian antique, one thing is beyond a doubt: this hip flask is cool and unique! You’ll be the only one of your friends with a flask like this.  
  • MIRROR FINISH – polished to perfection, the front of the flask has such a crisp reflection you can truly use it as a mirror.  Need to check your make-up on the go or low-key make sure your nose is booger free while you fortify yourself with some liquid courage before hitting the bar? This flask has you covered.   
  • COMPACT – at 4 x 4 inches this flask is small, but it packs a punch. Lightweight yet durable, and with a six ounce capacity (four standard size shots) it holds just the right amount to get you the perfect buzz and maybe even share with a friend.
  • QUALITY – like all Perfect Pregame flasks, this awesome flask is constructed of premium 18/8 food grade stainless steel and laser welded with precision.  Each one is carefully inspected by hand in the USA to make sure you don’t receive a dud.
  • GREAT GIFT – once you get your hands on this flask, you might not want to let it go! It comes in an elegant box and includes a funnel, so if you can bear to part with this cool flask it makes an excellent gift for bridesmaids or groomsmen, a great Christmas or birthday present, or a gift for any other special occasion.

Stand out from the crowd! Make this unique flask part of your repertoire today

9 in stock

4 reviews for Perfect Pregame Victorian Mirror Flask

  1. C. Greene

    This is a great accessory. It’s a classic design without being tired. Well-made, so it’s a good value. Really glad that it cones with a funnel for filling, which most flasks don’t.

  2. MC Pen

    I like the design. You cannot put Sherry or such in it but rrum is just fine. The flask instructions also says only keep liquid in it for 4 days max then washout, which makes sense to me.

  3. Carlos Gutierrez

    Details are beautiful. Great flask for weddings.

  4. BinNC

    What a cute Flask. Nice size and perfect for my Birdie Bottle. It arrived right on schedule and was well protected from any damage.
    I am thinking of this as a nice gift for future birthdays.

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