Perfect Pregame Premium Stoner Kit

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  • 8″ x 6″ Carrying Case
  • 2″ 4-Layer Grinder
  • RAW Extra Long Rolling Machine
  • Illustrated Guide for Rolling Machine
  • DLX Premium Rolling Tips
  • Toker Poker
  • RAW Rolling Papers
  • Bob Marley Extra Long Papers
  • Beeline Organic Hemp Wick
  • 2 Airtight Canisters

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Our smoker kit is filled to the brim with all the accessories for the recreational smoker! The Perfect Pregame Kit comes in handy if you’re feeling forgetful and will keep your stash organized around the house or on the go.

This stoner kit contains:

    • 8” x 6” Black Carrying Case – Waterproof and smell-proof (when used with the provided airtight containers) this case is the perfect size to stay organized around the house and extremely portable. Stash it in a backpack or purse and you will have all your smoking supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice. Spacious and roomy on the interior with a customizable layout.
    • Two Inch 4-Layer Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder – This grinder is the real deal. No cheap aluminum knock-off, it is constructed of heavy duty zinc alloy, with four magnetized layers and a pollen scraper included.
    • Raw Extra Long Rolling Machine – Raw’s extra long rolling machine make rolling joints or blunts of any size a piece of cake. Constructed out of hemp plastic and comes complete with instructions, this rolling machine is a joy to use.
    • Toker Poker Multitool – The patented multi-function smoker accessory, each Toker Poker includes a tamping end, a poky-stabby, and the ability to hold up to 5 feet of hemp wick securely. All of this functionality is packed into a sleek lighter sheath that will keep your lighter distinct from any others getting passed around.
    • One Pack Raw Classic Rolling Papers – 32 leaves of standard sized slow-burning imported Spanish papers
    • One Pack Bob Marley Extra Long Papers – 33 pure hemp papers for an extended smoke
    • One Bee Line Hemp Wick – 9 feet of fine organic hemp wick, a healthier and fun option to pass around the smoke circle
    • One Pack DLX Rolling Tips – 60 deluxe rolling tips
    • Two Opaque Airtight Containers – each smell / odor proof container is good for storage of up to 3.5 grams rolling material

In addition to the items in this bundle, the case has plenty of room for additional items such as a rolling tray, pipes, scales and more.

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Out of stock

8 reviews for Perfect Pregame Premium Stoner Kit

  1. Jason Kushner


  2. Amazon Customer

    This kit is perfect. I can fit 3 glass pieces, my lighter papers and my leaf. It fits perfectly in my campback or my saddle bags.

  3. Lundy

    This kit contains all that you need to enjoy. The zip container is also useful and easy to pack. The straps on the inside hold useful objects that used to enjoy life. Will buy their products again.

  4. Nicole Romero

    I’m one of those people that smoke right before class to take the anxiety and edge off and I’m pretty good at concealing I’m high, but you could still smell the bud on me even when it was in a carrier. This is why the pregame bag is awesome! Once I zip my pregame case you can’t smell anything.I also don’thave to worry about breaking my pipe because the pregame case has a harder case on the outside. Great product!

  5. Robert

    Came with all the essentials minus a bowl. The grinder is small but beast af. The containers are plastic but I washed one full of sage and not one bit wet when I found it which shocked me right into a coma. I literally just came out of it. For the price I say hell yeah do get one.

  6. Duane

    For the price, this is a really good deal. The case will be perfect for camping trips or weekend getaways. While at home, it’s a great place to keep all of my smoking essentials. The rolling machine is of very good quality- this won’t be breaking anytime soon (unlike many rolling machines I’ve read reviews on amazon). The 3 stage grinder has smooth action and it’s smaller size fits well in the case.
    I am very happy that I made this purchase! Great value, good quality and friendly customer service.

  7. Jr mx

    Perfect kit

  8. Ashiah

    OMG my husband love this pouch so I brought this for him because he would carrying around his stuff in a zip lock bag and the car would smell of his stuff. So I was running thur you tube and came across this person talking about this pouch. And man I tell you it was a god send message before the video was over I was on here like god please don’t tell me there sold out when it pop up I was like hell yes. I order mine and my order came in 2days when I gave it to my husbands he had the biggest smile on his face. but its when he sat down and put his stuff in the pouch he was beyond happy excited full of joy. he was like a kid in the candy shop. yelling and saying yo yo yo yo. that’s all I kept hearing. It as the airtight containers that keeps the smells in, the grinder that is heavy duty works so great like its like 1,2 and your shit is ready to put in your rolling machine the pouch its so neat it can go anywhere with u in your bag your gloves compartment anywhere. You don’t have to worry about your stuff rolling around I mean this pouch was well thought out it holds every smoke products in place nothing roll around. But what was the kicker he brought it around his friends and when he sat down and they saw him with his pouch they was so shock to see what was in it and how neat it was they all want one. So now my husband is like telling everyone about this pouch you guys soon won’t have enough when my husband friends get done ordering. Thank you so much I will be ordering another one for my husband to have for travel so he wont have to remove this one out his car. BEST COMPANY, BEST PROUDUCT, EVERY SMOKER AS TO HAVE ONE OF THIS POUCH AND THE PRICE IS BETTER THEN EVERYONE. BUY BUY BUY and get the word out Perfect Pregame is a great gift and just great to have.

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