Perfect Pregame Original Smoker Kit

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  • 8″ x 6″ Carrying Case
  • 1.6″ 4-Layer Grinder
  • Cigarette-Style One Hitter
  • 5ml Oil Can Resin Holder
  • DLX Premium Rolling Tips
  • 50mL Gets The Red Out Eye Drops
  • RAW Standard Size Rolling Papers
  • Bob Marley Extra Long Papers
  • Screwdriver Multitool
  • Airtight Film Canister

5 in stock

Our smoker kit is filled to the brim with all the accessories for the recreational smoker! The Perfect Pregame Kit comes in handy if you’re feeling forgetful and can keep your stash organized around the house or on the go.

This smoker’s kit contains:

    • 8” x 6” Black Carrying Case – Waterproof and smell-proof (when used with the provided airtight containers) this case is the perfect size to stay organized around the house and extremely portable. Stash it in a backpack or purse and you will have all your smoking supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice. Spacious and roomy on the interior with a customizable layout.
    • 1.6″ 4-Layer Zinc Alloy Herb Grinder – This grinder is the real deal. No cheap aluminum knock-off, it is constructed of heavy duty zinc alloy, with four magnetized layers and a pollen scraper included. See the premium version if you are interested in a kit with a larger grinder.
    • 5mL Oil Can-style Dab Container – for carrying waxes, dabs and resins
    • Cigarette Bat One Hitter – a classic and discreet straight to the point option
    • 50mL Get’s the Red Out Eyedrops – just in case your eyes are a little red or dry
    • 3-In-1 Multitool Screwdriver – in addition to being a useful screwdriver, it makes a great poky-stabby for packing your hand rolls or removing stuck ash
    • Raw Rolling Papers – 32 leaves of standard sized slow-burning imported Spanish papers
    • Bob Marley Extra Long Papers – 33 pure hemp papers for an extended smoke
    • DLX Rolling Tips – 60 deluxe rolling tips
    • Opaque Airtight Container – this smell / odor proof container is good for storage of up to 3.5 grams rolling material

In addition to the items in this bundle, the case has plenty of room for additional items such as a rolling tray, pipes, scales and more.

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5 in stock

5 reviews for Perfect Pregame Original Smoker Kit

  1. slow4oh

    Perfectly compact and a place for everything! Exactly what I’ve always needed. Perfect for those OCD smokers.

  2. Gary Armstrong

    Really cute

  3. tylor johnson

    Its basically everything you need to-go

  4. travis

    very soundly constructed party pack 10/10

  5. Tyeisha

    I Cant wait to give this to my boyfriend Im sure he will love it.

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